What is Cardano?

Cardano is a third generation Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain designed and built by a team of the world’s leading mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists.

Cardano holds itself to the highest standards of academic rigour and evidence based software development, frequently proving this with their persistent research publications.ย 

Over the years Cardano has risen to be a top 5 cryptocurrency with the potential to become the number 1 blockchain in the world.





Oxygen Pool is proud to be a part of the Cardano ecosystem and is committed to maintaining secure and reliable nodes ensuring maximum returns for our delegators.

Oxygen Pool is committed to donating an absolute minimum ofย  10% of any block rewards to charities and giveaways with the remainder of rewards being put back into the pool pledge, showing solidarity and realising maximum returns. Additional projects undertaken by Oxygen Pool are funded with our own (fiat) money! (See our Great Barrier Reef donation).

Oxygen Pool is devoted to raising awareness while giving to the community and having fun at the same time. See below for some of our projects!

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Growing up on the northern East coast of Australia I have seen the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef first hand, and believe wholeheartedly in its conservation.

The reef is home to over 10% of the world’s fish species. The reef, made up of over 900 islands occupies a world heritage area the size of Germany!

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation are making a real difference with projects including reef re-population (coral is a living thing!), habitat conservation for endangered species, coral bleaching and crown of thorns control measures, and scientific modelling projects.

The Reef needs our help!

Stake with Oxygen and help preserve this seventh natural wonder of the world!

$200 AUD donated so far




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